From just one bite of the premium Japanese beef, we were hooked.  In fact, we were so impressed we decided we wanted more and wanted to provide others with a superior beef product.

A trip to Jackson Hole, WY provided us our first opportunity to try the “Wagyu” beef we had heard others rave about.  Walking through downtown looking for a place to eat, we decided to stop in and try the Wagyu beef advertised in the window.  Having eaten home raised and really good beef all of our lives, it was hard to believe a Wagyu steak would really be any different.  First bite and the difference was clear.  Rich and buttery, we had a hard time finishing an 8 oz. steak when a 12-16 oz. steak is our usual size.  The meat was so tender and rich and you didn’t even need a knife to cut it.  It was amazing and led us to the idea of raising Wagyu and crossing them on our angus cows for a product that would be amazing and affordable for everyone.

A few weeks later, we attended a BBQ at some friend’s ranch and were still raving about the amazing steak we had eaten.  As we visited, Pat and Lynn grew excited.  They too had experienced the fine beef and had already done some research on Japanese beef and were experimenting with a cross on their red angus cows.  This conversation led to many more and brought about our partnership with WyoBeef.

In their research, Pat and Lynn found the Akaushi to be the “best of the best” of Japanese cattle and had only been reserved for the Emperors of Japan.  Our partnership formed with the intention to provide high end beef that everyone could afford.  In addition to an amazing product, our beef are Wyoming bred, born and raised.  Not only do we raise a premium product, we support our state and country by feeding Wyoming and the rest of the United States.


The herd runs on the Robley Ranch, RLT LLC, west of Wheatland, WY and on several leases in southeast WY.  The herd consists of angus, angus/Akaushi cross and purebred Akaushi cows.  The girls are Lynn’s pride and joy, with the purebred Aki’s being particularly spoiled.  It is common to see the girls come running when Pat and Lynn drive out to check the cows.  The side-by-side means treats and maybe a few scratches!


The diversity in our herd allows us to market the Angus/Akaushi cross as a superior product, but sill increase our purebred numbers for seedstock.  The Angus breed provides efficiency that combines with the tenderness and marbling of the Akaushi breed to create a premium product at an affordable price.  The herd will keep growing and our program allows us to harvest year round to better serve our customers.

For more information on availability, please call JT at (307) 534-5823 or shoot us an email at  Brook, Pat and Lynn can also answer any questions you may have.  Give our beef a try-you won’t regret it!  Beyond amazing flavor, we promise excellent service!

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