A.  Plan Ahead! Get on the schedule!  It takes at least 22 months to raise our cattle from birth to finish, therefore our custom bulk beef is not an on-demand product. Bulk beef harvests are made in September through November and available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Make your reservations today!

B. Prepare Your Freezer!  Because you’ll receive your entire order of beef at one time, it’s important to make sure you have enough freezer space to accommodate your order. Our beef can remain delicious for up to one year when kept frozen.

1/4 Beef - Approximately 100 - 110 lbs of beef requiring 10 cu ft of freezer space

1/2 Beef - Approximately 200 - 220 lbs of beef requiring 20 cu ft of freezer space

Whole Beef - Approximately 403 - 443 lbs of beef requiring 40 cu ft of freezer space

C. Payment Protocol When you purchase custom bulk beef, you will have two costs: the beef and the processing. Payment for your beef is due to Wyo Beef prior to the release of the product in two stages -  a non-refundable deposit to secure your beef at the time of order and a final payment for your beef determined by the hanging weight of your animal the day your beef is taken to the butcher.

Payment for processing your beef is a separate cost and is due to the processor at the time of pick-up. Your beef will not be released without full payment for both beef and processing.The prices below are estimates based on average-sized beef. Cost will vary based on the weight of your animal. Due to market fluctuations and processing fees, our prices are subject to change without notice.

Custom Quarter Beef Average Price Range: $700 - $900 + Processing

Custom Half Beef Average Price Range: $1,400 - $1,700 + Processing

Custom Whole Beef Average Price Range: $2,800 - $3,400 + Processing